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TONY MOLY Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream 45g - No. 1 Bright Beige



Our all-in-one Luminous Goddess Aura BB cream will leave you looking and feeling luminous for the whole day. Without having the need to re-apply, this BB cream’s special formulation will protect your skin with its SPF, promote plumpness, and keeping your skin hydrated without feeling heavy or oily.


Maintain a luminous goddess-like glow with our BB cream formulated to resist skin discoloration and oxidation. The combination of all the nourishing properties of skincare with long lasting coverage gives your skin a gorgeous goddess glow. Our smooth and creamy formula adheres closely to the skin for a natural silky finish, leaving your complexion radiant, smooth and glowing!

Key Ingredients

  • Oxygenated Water - Rich oxygenated water brightens and maintain clarity of dull skin.
  • Giga White - A plant based extract of 7 herbs known for their skin brightening qualities.
  • Ceramide - Assist in sealing hydration loss and protect from exterior pollutants.


  1. On a cleansed and moisturized face, squeeze a pea size amount onto an applicator and directly apply it over the face.
  2. Gently blend the product over face.

TIP: For extra dewy and glowy finish, top skin with Luminous Goddess Aura Perfume Face Mist.