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Clio is a leading brand that features great skincare and a highly pigmented and trendy makeup line comparable to high-end brands at a low price.


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Clio provides confidence to users through its skincare and cosmetics line. Although more known for cosmetics, Clio is also a Korean skincare brand offering creams and primers. Moreso, their cosmetics line doesn't focus on color palettes or style alone but also offers moisturizing skin and smoothing skin texture. 

Clio was launched in 1993 and has been the leading brand in creating makeup. They have developed award-winning lipsticks and liners, concealers, eyeliners, and cushions. Their palette is highly pigmented that is comparable with high-end make-up but is offered at an affordable price. 

At present, Clio continually innovates and uses advanced technologies. The Korean skincare brand collaborates with manufacturers in France, Italy, and Germany to formulate products that are of outstanding quality. Clio aims for its users to gain confidence through their cosmetics that express themselves with their trendy palette. Moreover, once the makeup is off, Clio satisfies its consumers with healthy skin as their cosmetics do not compromise the skin.

Lastly, Clio believes in sustainable cosmetic packaging that it uses Cristal Renew wherein a sustainable resin is used as a packaging option. Despite the recycled packaging, the performance and design of all products are still met from durability to glossiness.

Best Clio Products

Clio is well-known for its professional makeup line with some even being awarded as best products. Here’s the list of what you should get from Clio.

Clio Superproof Pen Liner

Clio Superproof Pen Liner is Clio’s best-selling eyeliner which was previously called Waterproof Pen Liner. Clio offers their pen liner in four colors: black, brown, cacao brown, and maroon brown. These colors were carefully selected to match different eye makeup looks with a deep black color and 3 shades of brown. Initially, you will notice the product for its red angled cap. When you try it on your skin to swatch, it quickly adheres to the skin. Moreso, the Clio pen liner doesn’t smudge. 

The Korean skincare brand assures you the same color from start until the last ink of your pen liner. The smart cap, now designed in an angled cap, makes sure your liner’s airtight.

The Clio Superproof Pen Liner has a moist sponge tip that feels like you’re simply drawing on your skin so it is easy to use and could be used by beginners. The moistness makes every mark seamless and even up to your last tip. The sponge tip features dense weaving that doesn’t split up over time.

Clio Kill Cover Cica Serum Cushion

The Clio Kill Cover Cica Serum Cushion contains 4 types of Cica namely Madecassoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiaticoside, and Asiatic Acid that soothes, comforts, and moisturizes the skin. These Cica properties undergo a processing method to extract the most effective ingredients of Cica and not just the common Centella Asiatica. The cushion also contains Hyaluronic Acid to further hydrate skin and make sure it’s dewy and glowing over time.

The cushion also fills in the in-betweens of your wrinkles and pores to make it look flawless and blemish-free. Moreso, it's light and refreshing on the skin.

The puff is also designed to reach narrow areas like under the eyes, beside the nose, and other delicate areas. The container is thin too to fit in your clutch bags for on-the-go cushion. The colors available are lingerie with a cool pink beige tone, linen which has a warm yellow beige hue, ginger which looks like orange beige and sane that goes to a warm sand beige color.

Aside from covering up blemishes, impurities, fine lines, and wrinkles, the Clio Kill Cover Cica Serum Cushion whitens and brightens up your skin leaving it glowing. It also reduces wrinkles for youthful-looking skin. Lastly, it contains SPF 50+++ to block the harmful UV rays that come your way.

Clio Kill Cover Fixer Cushion

The Clio Kill Cover Fixer Cushion has the same properties as the Cica Serum Cushion when it comes to its whitening, wrinkle-reducing, and SPF 50++ properties. The main difference is that it’s a smudge-free fixer that despite wearing a mask and the humidity it does on your face, the cushion makes it resistant enough not to smudge. It’s also resistant to oil so it stays in its place despite the sweat. Of course, results may vary if you’re extremely sweaty.

Moreover, this Clio cushion contains green tea, apple mint leaf, and thyme leaf extract to block moisture loss and keeps the skin hydrated. This enhances the long-lasting feature of your makeup without caking and your skin drying up leaving your skin smooth over time.

Like the Cica Serum Cushion, it features a hexagonal-shaped puff to reach narrow areas and a thin container to fit in your sleek pouches. The colors are the same - lingerie, linen, ginger, and sand.

Confidence with Clio Cosmetics

Clio offers products that are nicely pigmented, hydrating, easy to use, and waterproof. At an affordable price, Clio delivers high-quality products that are sure to bring you confidence with makeup on or without. Get yours now.