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Peripera Lip Tints

Kissed by Peripera: The Ultimate Guide to Peripera Lip Tints!

Peripera is a millennial's dream. The South Korean beauty brand is the essence of innovation, offering a stylish fusion of quality products and trendy designs.

The brand name is inspired by a folklore that traces back to ancient Persia, where a fairy named Peri, had a magical pouch called Pera, and transformed into an alluring woman. With this enchanting story as its foundation, Peripera emerges as a beauty brand that seamlessly combines the allure of the past with the trends of the present.

Peripera is playful and bold-spirited, catering to the preferences of both young and old with fun and creative makeup. It offers a fusion of affordability, innovation, and top-notch quality, making it a go-to choice for those seeking style and substance in their makeup routines.

Peripera boasts a dazzling array of lip products that have captivated beauty lovers worldwide. Among its stellar lineup are the beloved lip tints, like Ink The Velvet, Ink Airy Velvet, Peripera Ink Mood Matte Tint, Peripera Ink Mood Drop Tint, Ink The Tattoo, Peripera Water Bare Tint, and Ink Tint Serum. The brand also has a selection of lipsticks, including the Ink Airy Velvet Stick and Ink Mood Matte Stick. With such a diverse range, get ready to find out which among these exceptional products might just become your personal favourite!

Peripera Ink Mood Glowy Tint

Peripera's irresistible Ink Mood Glowy Tint is your go-to glossy lip tint for a luscious glass-like finish. The innovative formula not only moisturizes but also plumps your lips, leaving them with a radiant glow. The Triple Layer Glow Mechanism enhances the luminosity, while the tint layers effortlessly for intensified, vivid colour with each application. 

For enhanced colour payoff, the tint offers a stunning array of shades, from apricot beige to cherry red. Experience the perfect blend of moisture, long-lasting adherence, and vibrant hues in this must-have lip essential, available in 8 dazzling colours – Brown Heaven, Coral Influencer, Captivating Pink, Pink Youth, Cherry so What, Best Beige Menu, Nuude to Heart, and Rose in Mind.

Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Lip Tint: Peaches Collection 2024

This Peripera Lip Tint is a beloved bestseller with a soft cream-like texture. The long-lasting tint, now available in an adorable peachy collection, effortlessly fills fine lip lines, leaving a velvety finish. Its highly pigmented formula, enriched with jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, and marine collagen, ensures all-day moisturizing comfort.

Whether you opt for a gradient or full lip colour, the Ink Airy Velvet line offers natural, airy shades and a lighter mousse texture. Elevate your lip game with this pigmented perfection in these 5 lovely shades of peach – Zazzy Peach, Heavenly Peach, Center Peach, Fluffy Peach, and In The Peachlight.

Peripera Ink Mood Matte Tint

The Peripera Ink Mood Matte Tint is your key to a long-lasting matte finish and the coveted blurred lip effect. This lightweight lip tint stays put on your lips without caking or smudging. The low-transfer formula keeps the rich colour intact throughout the day, making it the perfect choice for achieving that effortlessly chic matte blurred lip look. Elevate your lip game with this must-have addition to your makeup routine that comes in 4 beautifully warm shades – Almond Rose, Mauve Pong, Makeup Chili, and Acorn Brown.

Peripera Ink The Velvet Lip Tint

This long-lasting bestseller Peripera lip stain is more than just makeup; it's a soft, creamy indulgence. Its highly pigmented texture effortlessly fills in every fine line, leaving your lips with a smooth, blurred finish. The velvety "ink-like" formula creates the dreamiest gradient or all-over lip colour. With a dazzling array of over 44 colours, choosing your favourite shade is like picking a mood for the day—so why settle for just one Peripera Ink Velvet?

Peripera Ink Mood Matte Stick

Elevate your lip game with this lightweight matte lipstick, featuring Peripera's Soufflé Matte Complex for a soft, powdery finish that won't dry out your lips. Infused with blue agave leaf extract and inca nut oil, this lipstick keeps your lips moisturized, plumped-up, and wrinkle-free. Choose from eight MLBB (MLBB, short for "My Lips But Better," ensures a natural yet enhanced lip colour that complements your natural lip tone.) shades, spanning from nude pink to brick red, and experience a perfect blend of style and comfort for your daily glam. 

Beyond the fabulous MLBB shades, Peripera embraces the spirit of seasons, unveiling 2 autumnal hues and 2 spring-inspired shades. Dive into the rich colours of fall or blossom with tulip-inspired spring tones. Whether you're a fall enthusiast or a springtime dreamer, Peripera has a shade to match your mood and elevate your pout game. Embrace the seasons with a burst of colour that's as lively and vibrant as you are!

Peripera Sugar Twinkle Duo Eye Stick

Ignite your eye makeup with a touch of magic using this dual-sided Peripera eyeshadow stick! Go for a velvety glow with the pointy tip, doubling as an eyeliner, or opt for a transparent shimmery finish with the round tip, perfect for eyeshadow. Dive into Dewy Nude, dance with Shimmering Dandelion, or shine bright with Glimmering Pink. Your eyes, your way!

Peripera Pure Blushed Sunshine Cheek Tulipology Collection

Want cheeks that bloom with colour all day long?

Meet the radiant star of Peripera's Tulipology Collection – the upgraded Pure Blushed Sunshine Cheek! Thanks to its intensely pigmented formula, get ready for a burst of healthy-looking flush on your cheeks. Enhanced with sebum-absorbing powder, this Peripera blush promises a long-lasting, vibrant glow. Take your pick from two delightful hues: the irresistible Shy Coral or the charming Enjoy Coral.

Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter

The Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter with its long-lasting water-gel formula is as clingy as your BFF! No clumping here – just pure sparkle that stays put. Precision is the name of the game with its fine-tip applicator, perfect for eyes, nails, or your Cupid's bow. Choose from three radiant shades that are ready to elevate your glam game! Shine bright, shine right!

Peripera All Take Mood Palette Honey K-Ookie Collection

Peripera's Honey K-ookie Collection is a whimsical toast to the traditional Korean cookie Yakgwa! Experience a mellowed-out version of the iconic All Take Mood Palette, offering a trio of formulations—matte, shimmery, and glittery—perfect for eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter. The palette, adorned with a Yakgwa-shaped pan, steals the spotlight with its playful mix of shades. It's not just makeup; it's a sweet celebration of Korean charm and tradition!

Peripera Thailand

Peripera has captured the hearts of makeup enthusiasts in Thailand with its vibrant and innovative beauty products, becoming a beloved choice for those seeking trendsetting makeup. The brand's popularity is further intensified through official retailers like Sensoo Skincare. As an authorized distributor of Peripera, we not only provide easy access to the latest Peripera collections but also ensure authenticity and quality.

Thai makeup lovers can indulge in a wide array of Peripera goodies, from signature lip tints to eyeshadows, all curated to satisfy their beauty cravings.