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Dive into clean beauty with ATRUE, a Korean skincare brand known for its effective products and safe ingredients. Explore their range of skincare solutions, including the Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion. Embrace pure beauty with ATRUE and unleash your skin's true glow.




With a heritage steeped in refined craftsmanship spanning over 200 years, ATRUE is a distinguished Korean skincare brand that captivates with its unique line of products infused with the power of black tea. Drawing inspiration from one of France's oldest tea brands, ATRUE has harnessed the exceptional qualities of black tea to create a range of skincare products that deliver remarkable anti-aging benefits. Black tea, renowned for its abundance of antioxidants and polyphenols, becomes the cornerstone of ATRUE's skincare formulations, offering a journey into timeless beauty.

At the heart of ATRUE's philosophy lies the belief that skincare should be both effective and safe. By formulating their products with only the finest raw materials, ATRUE guarantees a non-irritating and safe experience for all skin types. Their meticulous attention to ingredient selection ensures that each formulation is free from potentially harmful substances, embodying the brand's commitment to using only true and trustworthy raw materials.

One of ATRUE's standout offerings is the Sweet Song Black Tea Energy Cleansing Gel. This low-pH, gentle cleanser harnesses the hydrating properties of green tea extract to purify the skin while maintaining its moisture balance. It's a refreshing and soothing start to any skincare routine, leaving the complexion cleansed and nourished.

ATRUE's dedication to sourcing the finest black tea from 'Compagnie Coloniale,' a prestigious French tea brand, sets them apart from the crowd. By replacing the usual purified water with black tea in their formulations, ATRUE elevates the skincare experience, imbuing it with the rich heritage and antioxidant benefits of black tea.

The Origin ATRUE Pure Balancing Cleansing Oil exemplifies ATRUE's dedication to gentle yet effective skincare. Enriched with the essence of black tea, this ATRUE cleansing oil effortlessly dissolves makeup and impurities, leaving the skin purified and refreshed. Its luxurious texture and nourishing properties make it a delightful addition to any skincare ritual.

The ATRUE Real Black Tea True Active CC Cushion is a multitasking beauty essential that offers the perfect combination of coverage, skincare, and sun protection. Infused with the goodness of black tea extract, this ATRUE CC cushion helps to even out skin tone, minimize the appearance of imperfections, and provide a natural-looking finish. The key feature of this ATRUE cushion is its active skincare ingredients, derived from black tea, which offer anti-aging benefits.

With ATRUE, beauty meets integrity. Their commitment to cruelty-free practices, emphasis on the power of black tea, and dedication to using true raw materials converge to create a skincare brand that encapsulates the essence of timeless elegance. Discover the transformative potential of black tea and experience the luxurious formulations of ATRUE, where beauty and ethics intertwine harmoniously for a radiant and ageless complexion.