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Romand Lip Tints

Rom&nd Beauty - A Love Affair with Rom&nd Lip Tints

Romand swiftly became a sensation in the Korean beauty industry in late 2016, capturing hearts instantly with its simplicity, dazzling visuals, chic packaging, and unique formulas. Stylized as rom&nd and crafted in collaboration with the Korean beauty influencer Saerom Min aka Gaeko, Romand's name intertwines "romance" and "and you," echoing the brand's commitment to enhancing your natural beauty. Saerom Min's transformative makeup artistry, showcased on her successful beauty blog, Gaeko’s Open Studio, is the heartbeat of Romand's success.

What sets Romand apart is its founder, as Saerom Min never advocates for unrealistic beauty ideas. Instead, both Min and Romand encourage everyone to embrace their inner beauty, using makeup as a tool to accentuate uniqueness rather than conforming to stereotypes.

Romand lip tints promise to enhance the showstopper in you. And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, there's no sweeter sentiment than declaring 'I love me' with the romantic touch of Romand. Embrace self-love this season with Romand's beauty treasures, celebrating the unique masterpiece that is you.

Romand Glasting Water Tint

Get the glossiest lips of your dreams! Romand's Glasting Water Tint offers a lightweight formula that not only moisturizes but also leaves a dewy, glassy film for lips that shine like never before.

From subtle pinks to sultry reds, the spectrum of colors, enriched with separate layers of pigment, ensures vivid hues and incredible shine. The unique formula effortlessly stains your lips, providing a long-lasting sheen that stays vibrant without fading. Choose from eight vibrant shades – because your pout deserves nothing but the best!

And for those embracing a natural makeup look, discover Romand's Glasting Melting Balm – a hydrating tinted lip balm offering rich color payoff. Or the Romand Glasting Water Gloss, a plumping gloss that gives you a natural, barely-there makeup look.

Romand Blur Fudge Tint

Blur the lines between beauty and boldness with Romand's Blur Fudge Tint. Indulge in 11 stunning, long-lasting matte hues that redefine your lip game. The special formula creates the dreamy gradient lip effect, leaving a gorgeously blurry finish.

Wax-powered for a smooth glide, this Romand Lip Tint is easily blendable, giving you the power to customize your perfect pout. From a subtle, thin layer to a bold, intense statement – these pigmented colors play by your rules. And no more settling in the lip cracks! The smooth formula ensures a flawless, crack-free canvas, promising a lasting finish that's as vibrant as you are.

Romand Dewyful Water Tint

Romand's Dewyful Water Tints give you the perfect lips for any occasion while delivering a dewy, succulent finish that's simply irresistible! Infused with four types of herb extracts – lavender, oregano, thyme, and rosemary – to nourish your lips with love.

Go from subtle to bold effortlessly with eight vibrant shades that are not just vivid but also buildable. Experience a glossy finish that stays dewy all day long! 

Romand Zero Velvet Tint Original Series

A lightweight, velvety lip tint that's a match made in heaven for both warm and cool skin tones.

Achieve the coveted "my lips but better" look with this matte lipstick that comes in 9 original shades. The blurring effect and velvet finish create a dreamy allure that lasts all day, while the soft, comfortable texture stays smooth for a flawless pout.

For those who adore a wide range of colors, Romand has stunning nature-inspired collections for you! Whether you're drawn to the cozy warmth of the Autumn Knit series, the nostalgic charm of the Vintage Filter series, the rich tones of the Baked series, or the serene vibes of the Shell Beach series – Romand’s got your spectrum of colors covered!

Romand Juicy Lasting Tint Original Series

Romand Juicy Lasting Tint – where juicy meets lasting, giving you flawless lips for any occasion!

Indulge in vivid fruity shades for effortlessly plump lips – no heavy or sticky feeling! Achieve a glossy look that lasts, and when the shine wears off, enjoy lightly tinted lips.

Highly pigmented for an all-day color burst, the Juicy Lasting Tint is your go-to for a gentle gradated look or eye-catching full lips. It combines the shine of a lip gloss, the color intensity of a lipstick, and the long-wearing power of a lip tint.

And for the makeup enthusiasts, Romand introduces the Bare Juicy, Ripe Fruit, Autumn, Sparkling, Milk Grocery, New Bare, and Summer Pink series! Just as Romand plays with creativity in their lip tints, it's time for you to unleash your creativity in crafting unique looks!

Romand Back Me Tone Up Sun Cushion

Meet your on-the-go beauty essential with the handy compact – Romand's Radiant Sun Cushion is all about glow, protect, repeat!

Empower your skin with SPF50+ PA++++ strength, keeping UV rays at bay while illuminating your complexion for a radiant finish! Enriched with rice extract, this lightweight, blendable formula works wonders, blurring dark spots and imperfections effortlessly. Because sun-kissed radiance and protection should never be out of reach!

Romand Better Than Palette

Romand's "Better Than" Palettes are all about elevating your everyday glam! As cheeky as the name sounds, these Romand palettes are designed to enhance your natural features with a touch of seasonal charm!

Better Than Cheek: Packaged in sleek compacts adorned with a heart motif, these blushes reveal a healthy flush, delivering an effortless "my cheeks but better" finish. Inspired by the hues of dried fruits, choose from tangerine, peach, blueberry, fig, and cherry brown for a natural, blurred, and long-lasting glow.

Better Than Eyes: Four-shade compacts featuring matte and glitter finishes, each working harmoniously to craft everyday glam or mood-building eye makeup. Infused with oil-blotting technology, these Romand eyeshadows stay fresh and smooth, guaranteeing a silky finish without creasing or caking. Explore the popular Romand eyeshadow palette – Better Than Eyes Music Series, inspired by autumnal floral hues for a fall/winter vibe.

Romand Nu Zero Cushion

Flawless skin is always in with Romand's Radiance Cushion Foundation!

Immerse your skin in the magic of fine particles with the cushion powder foundation, delivering a radiant and semi-matte finish. Effortlessly covering pores and blemishes, this beauty essential is available in Porcelain, Pure, Natural, Beige, and Sand shades.

In the vibrant lands of Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam, Romand has earned its stellar reputation through a perfect blend of quality and style. The Romand Bare Water Cushion, Romand glitter palettes, and Romand mascara have become beauty staples, celebrated for their innovative formulations and trend-setting hues. One key factor behind Romand's popularity is its easy availability via Sensoo Skincare, an official online retailer for Romand. We not only offer an extensive range of Romand products but also boast a diverse collection of Korean skincare and beauty, including many renowned brands. And if you’re obsessed with Korean lipsticks like us, you might want to check out our blog about the Best Korean Lipsticks for 2024.

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