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Made for women with urban struggles, Blithe simplifies all the Kbeauty steps and optimizes all its formulations to cope with aging and pollution.


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Blithe skincare is inspired by the lifestyle of modern women and their urban struggles when it comes to their skin. May you are an urban student, worker, or mom, you would face the everyday struggles and stress of an irritating environment. Blithe cosmetics and Blithe skincare are made to cope with the busy days of each urban woman.

We all know how K-beauty stresses the importance of a skincare routine and how it could go from 7 steps to 14 steps twice a day. Well, Blithe knows how busy you are and that some are not up for that. Therefore, Blithe creates skincare that multitasks like the urban dweller that you are. Yes, believe it or not, Blithe skincare can be finished in as short as 2 steps. A time-saver and practical skincare - Blithe.

Blithe Promises Natural Ingredients

Blithe skincare knows how irritated your skin already is. The urban lifestyle and urban environment contribute to all the stresses on the skin. Well, Blithe promises natural ingredients made at their optimum formulations. The researchers of the brand made sure that the naturally-derived extracts work hand-in-hand to multitask on the needs of the skin. These natural ingredients come from uncontaminated regions to make sure they give you the freshest products. They should be nourishing and functioning with great efficacy. The brand also made sure that the texture is at its finest and would deeply penetrate the skin to provide excellent nourishment.

Blithe cosmetics also promises vegan-approved ingredients. They’re cruelty-free and pack their products responsibly. From kraft paper packaging to soy-ink printing, the brand protects the environment while producing its products.

Blithe: Anti-Polluaging

Research shows that city dwellers age faster therefore Blithe creates skincare that copes with aging and pollution which they call anti-polluaging. These innovative products bring your skin back to life. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. Improve your complexion, and get a refreshed and recovered look with Blithe skincare.

Best Products of Blithe Skincare

Blithe uses naturally-derived ingredients that multitask in creating highly-effective formulas to rejuvenate skin. Here are the best products of Blithe skincare: Blithe 8 Nourishing Beads Vital Treatment, Blithe Indian Glacial Mud Bubbling Splash Mask, and Blithe Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum.

Blithe Vital Treatment: 8 Nourishing Beads

The Blithe Vital Treatment with 8 nourishing beads improves firmness and skin elasticity. It’s the antiaging treatment you need to restore and boost your skin’s strength to make it radiant, and wrinkle-free once again.

The product features 8 bean extracts which are black soybean, soybean, carob bean, mung bean, kidney bean, lentil bean, red bean, and peanut. Together they contain antioxidants, collagen, anti-aging properties, antibacterial properties, skin ailments treatment, complexion improvement properties, and vitamin E, along with other nourishing properties for total care. This product indeed multitasks to improve skin texture, nourish, moisturize, detoxify, treat, protect, and regenerate the skin. All these are in one product so if you think you’re having wrinkles forming along with your eye lines and smile lines, or a dull and lifeless complexion, it’s time for you to use the Blithe 8 nourishing beads vital treatment.

Users will love the product application with its rich but soft texture. The Blithe skincare vital treatment contains naturally-derived oils fermented for 120 hours but it will not leave any greasy feeling upon application. 

Blithe Bubbling Splash Mask: Indian Glacial Mud

The Blithe Bubbling Splash Mask with Indian Glacial Mud tightens and vanishes enlarged pores as well as slims and firms the face. The product cleanses the pores and minimizes them for firm-looking skin. All impurities from the pores are removed to make it brighter and clearer. Moreover, it is soothing, moisturizing, and prevents aging.

Again, Blithe stays true to its multitasking products. The Blithe Indian Glacial Mud Bubbling Splash Mask acts as a mask to be worn for 3-5minutes (yes, that fast, that practical), and transforms into a foam cleanser when water is applied. 

Blithe Pressed Serum: Crystal Iceplant

The Blithe Pressed Serum in Crystal Iceplant variation is a bestseller because of its lightweight texture yet moisturizing content. It is both a serum and a moisturizer so it could be your final step after your toner or essence. It prides itself on having good moisture retention. It also strengthens moisture in the skin barrier. The product also soothes and is a great solution for irritated skin. It leaves your skin refreshed and hydrated. Despite being a solid serum, it is still lightweight and doesn’t feel sticky on the skin. 

Blithe: The Multitasking Skincare for the Busy You

Blithe is perfect for those looking on minimizing the products and time you apply to your skin. The brand gathers multiple naturally-derived plants, beans, seeds, and essential oils that would work hand-in-hand to act as 2-in-1 products such that the Blithe Vital Treatment can be used as both toner and treatment, the Blithe Bubbling Splash Mask can be used as a mask and foam wash at the same time, while the Blithe Pressed Serum acts as both serum and moisturizer. These three products already complete basic skincare in 3 steps compared to the typical Korean skincare routine that goes from 7 to 14 steps. Definitely, Blithe skincare is made for the urban you!