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Mediheal studies women’s lifestyles and creates quick, easy, and effective treatment solutions for different skin concerns.




Mediheal offers face masks that are affordable and effective for all skin types. The brand prides itself on the Mediheal face mask, a focus other skincare brands don’t pay so much attention to. When Mediheal studied women’s lifestyles, they discovered that what women want and need are quick, easy, and effective additions to their skincare routine and they created sheet masks as an advanced treatment solution.

The brand has been innovative since its conception; now with over 250 unique masks to choose from. Some masks are even unthinkable and became the first of their kind in Korea like the Mediheal face mask made with Bintochan charcoal powder. The mask stimulates facial acupoints. They also introduced the 2-step sheet mask as a utility model worldwide.

Today, Mediheal has expanded, having branches in 10 Asian countries, Europe, the US, Australia, Canada, and Brazil. It sold about 1.5 billion sheet masks all over the world to this date. All of them are high-grade quality masks made with natural and scientific ingredients.

What is Mediheal
Mediheal is a K-beauty brand that penetrated the skincare market by developing sheet masks. Since then, Mediheal has always topped in the face masks category. This is because Mediheal conducts extensive research on every product consulting top dermatologists, scientists, and aestheticians. To fully benefit from this, Mediheal even built a Research and Development center to pioneer mask formulas and technology.

Mediheal Face Mask
The Mediheal Face Mask always gets listed among the best Korean face masks. Generally, the masks are designed for 5 major skin concerns which are: (1) dry skin, (2) sensitive skin, (3) loss of firmness, (4) pore care, and (5) dullness. The Mediheal face mask provides lots of solutions because they know skincare isn’t one-size-fits-all.

Mediheal face mask for dry skin
Mediheal incorporates NMF or Natural Moisturizing Factor to lock in moisture for a long time. The product replenishes damaged skin caused by environmental factors. The Mediheal NMF Intensive Hydrating Mask is the bestseller to solve your dry skin.

Mediheal face mask for sensitive skin
Mediheal also formulated non-reactive sheet masks. This dermatologist-tested Mediheal face mask uses ingredients like chamomile extract and tiger grass that nourish, balance, and moisturize sensitive skin. Therefore, irritated skin looks calmer and vibrant instantly.

Mediheal face mask for firming
This Mediheal face mask contains hydrolyzed collagen that rejuvenates the skin. It deeply hydrates so it smoothens the fine lines giving a firmer skin appearance.

Mediheal face mask for clogged pores
Mediheal creates sheet masks that quickly control the complexion. They exfoliate, mattify and refine pores to feel clean, refreshed, and hydrated. This Mediheal face mask contains charcoal powder and tea tree oil to deeply clean impurities.

Mediheal face mask for dullness
Mediheal formulated illuminating sheet masks that brighten and even up the tone of the skin. This face mask contains niacinamide and other ingredients that moisturize the skin making it more vibrant and clearer.

How to Use the Mediheal Face Mask
After cleansing or toning, apply the Mediheal face mask. Some masks need to be left for 15 minutes while others for about 40 minutes. Alternatively, you may wait for the Mediheal logo to appear. When this happens, you may start removing the mask. Gently pat the remaining essence until fully absorbed.

How often should you use the Mediheal face mask?
Generally, Mediheal masks can be used 2-3 times a week.

Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack
Mediheal started with sheet masks but eventually created other treatments like those for the hair which also became bestsellers; one of which is the Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack. It deeply conditions damaged hair caused by chemical treatments or environmental factors. It intensely moisturizes and makes your hair look good. The product contains goat milk which is a source of rich nutrients. Furthermore, it features Hydrolyzed Collagen for softer, smoother hair.

How to use the Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack
After shampooing, remove excess water from the hair. Place your hair on top of your head. Cover all your hair with the mask cap on your head. Attach the sticker to secure the mask cap in place. Massage the treatment from your Mediheal Hair Sheep Steam Pack to ensure that it is evenly absorbed by the hair. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Remove the mask and rinse hair with warm water.

Mediheal proves to be one of the leading K-beauty brands offering high-quality sheet masks at an affordable price. They offer various options to select from that can be most suited for any skin type. Moreover, Mediheal continues to innovate its products to provide formulations that are effective and natural.

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