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Age gracefully as Boutijour lifts your spirit and your skin to a youthful tomorrow. Glow with radiance with plant-derived extracts that are toxins-free.


Boutijour believes that aging is an adventure. While others believe that aging is a saddening truth and necessity, a life process, and a hopeless reverse of beauty, Boutijour lifts your spirits and gives you beautiful aging as it lifts your saggy skin as well. The brand embraces tomorrow with a youthful appearance to better ourselves beautifully.  

Boutijour helps its users to protect their skin from environmental stressors, especially what urban life brings. The brand has already studied the common problems of the skin and made formulations to solve them. They are committed to bringing the best products to find balance in the skin and revitalize it anew. Therefore, Boutijour made solutions to improve skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration. The brand also formulated solutions for wrinkles, skin texture, and skin tone. 

In bringing its customers an age-free journey, the brand gets the freshest natural ingredients from local farms and plantations. Fresh and clean ingredients deliver healing and rejuvenating properties that leave the skin beautiful. Ingredients like flowers, plants, herbs, and fruits are infused together to not only bring your skin back to its healthiest but also to give you an aroma to leave your stress and worries behind. Moreover, Boutijour does not include any harmful or toxic ingredients - no animal-based ingredients, PEG, parabens, alcohol, and other toxic ingredients. 

Boutijour also saves the planet by using eco-friendly packaging. They use glass and biodegradable packaging. They don’t test on animals as well and are cruelty-free. 

Best Products of Boutijour 

Boutijour is known to provide safe formulations from plant-derived extracts that give a whole new level of ageless and timeless skin. The key ingredient in Boutijour’s products is Snow Lotus. Snow Lotus is strong and resilient thriving in the most extreme conditions thereby translating the powers of this beautiful power to your skin. They also create formulations that are perfect for sensitive skin as well. By bringing back the skin’s ability to fight off aging, Boutijour brings its users to a journey of youth and not simply aging.

We know that you are dying to know the brand’s bestsellers. Here are the top 3 products you should get from Boutijour: (1) Boutijour Snow Lotus Lifting Serum, (2) Boutijour Petals of Botanique Tightening Mask, and (3) Boutijour Lotus Leaf Anti-Pollution Repairing Toner.

Boutijour Snow Lotus Lifting Serum

The Boutijour Snow Lotus Lifting Serum contains 97.7% of natural ingredients and botanical extracts that rejuvenates that skin leaving it brighter and radiant. It moisturizes the skin making it look healthy with a dewy glow all day. It also lifts and improves skin elasticity for youthful-looking skin. It also brightens the skin and gives a fresh look.

Boutijour Petals of Botanique Tightening Mask

The Boutijour Petals of Botanique Tightening Mask is made from organic green tea leaves from Jeju Island. Say goodbye to enlarged pores as it gets tightened. Moreover, dead skin cells are surely eliminated with this gentle exfoliation. The mask doesn’t irritate and leave your skin dry. Moreover, it has a calming and relaxing scent that is perfect to end your day with.

Boutijour Lotus Leaf Anti-Pollution Repairing Toner 

The Boutijour Lotus Leaf Anti-Pollution Repairing Toner is like a mixed toner and essence that has a light texture. That repairs and hydrates the skin. It replenishes the skin with hydration. It is also great protection from harmful stressors as it has anti-pollution benefits.

Your Aging Journey Begins with Boutijour

Boutijour offers great products that give you firmer and more young-looking skin. This gives you the confidence to age gracefully, and not just take aging as a sad reality. Keep your skin hydrated, firm-looking, elastic, and radiant with Boutijour.