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Elevate your skincare routine with Abib, a trusted Korean brand renowned for its effective and high-quality products. Discover their nourishing range, including the Gummy Sheet Mask and Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask. Experience the transformative power of Abib and unlock a healthy, radiant complexion.




ABIB is a Korean skincare brand that embodies a holistic approach to beauty and skincare. With a mission to provide gentle and effective skincare solutions, ABIB has gained recognition for their commitment to using natural ingredients and prioritizing the well-being of your skin.

At the core of ABIB's philosophy is the belief that skincare should be a nurturing experience, supporting the health and vitality of your skin. Their research and development team meticulously selects high-quality botanical extracts, plant-based oils, and other natural compounds known for their beneficial properties. By harnessing the power of nature, ABIB aims to provide effective skincare solutions without compromising the health of your skin.

ABIB's product lineup is thoughtfully crafted to cover every step of a comprehensive skincare routine. Whether you're starting your day with a gentle cleanser, prepping your skin with a nourishing toner, or indulging in a revitalizing face mask, ABIB has you covered. Their extensive range of products also includes serums, moisturizers, and targeted treatments, allowing you to create a personalized skincare regimen tailored to your specific needs.

The Acne Foam Cleanser Heartleaf Foam by Abib is a specialized skincare product designed to effectively cleanse and treat acne-prone skin. The key ingredient in this cleanser is heartleaf extract, derived from the heartleaf plant (Houttuynia Cordata). Heartleaf extract is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it an excellent choice for treating acne. It helps to reduce redness and inflammation associated with breakouts while preventing the growth of acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

One of ABIB's notable strengths is its focus on sensitive skin. Understanding the unique challenges faced by those with sensitive or easily irritated skin, ABIB formulates their products to be gentle yet effective. The Heartleaf Calming Toner by Abib is a popular skincare product that is designed to soothe and hydrate the skin while providing a boost of nourishment. Formulated with heartleaf extract as its key ingredient, this toner helps to soothe irritated and sensitive skin, making it an excellent choice for those with acne-prone or reactive skin types.

With its clean and minimalist aesthetic, ABIB's product packaging reflects the brand's values of simplicity and purity. The sleek and understated designs not only showcase the brand's commitment to aesthetic elegance but also serve as a visual representation of their dedication to creating straightforward and effective skincare solutions.

ABIB is a skincare brand that harmoniously blends the principles of nature, efficacy, and integrity. Their commitment to using gentle and natural ingredients, transparency, quality, and sustainability sets them apart in the industry. ABIB offers a comprehensive range of products that cater to various skin concerns, providing effective solutions while nurturing the health and vitality of your skin. With ABIB, skincare becomes a transformative and uplifting experience, helping you achieve a radiant complexion and fostering a deeper connection to your skin's well-being.