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Revitalize that once-damaged skin and restore its strength with Kahi's key ingredient - Salmon Complex. Make beauty easy with Kahi.


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KAHI Eye Balm 9g
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KAHI Aqua Balm 9g
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KAHI recently joined the skincare and cosmetics industry in 2020 and is recognized as one of the hottest Kbeauty brands in Korea at present. The word KAHI came from the first and last alphabets of the Korean language as it is an easy language to learn for all Koreans. This philosophy translates to making beauty easy for everyone.

KAHI is a Korean brand that aims to bring your skin to its best and most natural. They want to revitalize the natural power of each person’s skin by using the most precious ingredients from Jeju island. The brand chose Jeju island because it’s the cleanest area in South Korea. KAHI believes creating the best takes time, so they do not use readily available raw ingredients. They also abide by the 744 hours of fermentation as the effect is different on a larger scale. 

For KAHI, the easiest way to be beautiful is not wearing a crafted beauty product; instead, it’s the application of the good and most natural ingredients.

Anyone Can Easily Be Beautiful with KAHI’s Trusted Ingredient

KAHI’s products contain a Salmon complex that restores the strength of the weakened skin barrier, improves skin elasticity, offers anti-aging benefits, and highly moisturizes the skin. The Salmon complex aids hydration by retaining water and keeping your skin look fresh and clean. You may bring back your youthful glow with KAHI’s salmon complex.

Best of KAHI

The brand delivers the best skincare you would ever need. KAHI’s top-selling products are the Extin C Balm and the Multi Balm.

KAHI Extin C Balm

The KAHI Extin C Balm is made of 26% British Vitamin C. If applied to the skin, vitamin C gets absorbed quicker. The KAHI Extin C Balm was specially formulated to fight freckles and blemishes. It also helps you avoid spreading them out. A balm that comes in lipstick-looking packaging to do away from having Vitamin C in your hands.

It also features melanin care by protecting the skin against melanin stimulation, controlling melanin production, and preventing melanin expansion. This makes skin healthier, transparent, glowing, and brighter. It also helps the skin do away from deep spots and external blemishes, dark circles, yellowness, and radiation.

KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm

The KAHI Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm was developed to bring out your healthiest skin. It contains salmon collagen that nourishes wrinkles, salmon PDRN that improves elasticity, and salmon proteoglycan that hydrates skin. It is said to give you an instant glow while improving necklines, eye wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and lip wrinkles in the long run.

Best and Most Natural Skin with KAHI

Be at your best and most natural skin with KAHI products. KAHI offers specially made products to combat special issues like aging and dry skin. With salmon complex as their secret ingredient, you are sure to go back to your youthful glow - the natural you!