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Revitalize your skin and bring it back to its prime era with Primera's germination technology. Primera gets the most nutritious substances from different seeds and sprouts.


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Primera got its name from combining the words “prime” and “era”. Primera relies heavily on the tiniest seeds at their prime and this is when they start sprouting. The seed releases great energy that is nourishing to the skin. Therefore, the brand pioneered germination technology and uses seeds and sprout extracts at their optimum potential. The most nutritious substances are gathered. Primera gets the best benefits from the seeds and sprouts or from the seeds themselves, seed oil and sprouts. The brand discovered the revitalizing energy that is safe and reliable to use on the skin.

Primera is a living statement that going natural doesn’t mean trading off and downgrading as the brand produces high-quality ingredients. They have researched more than 500 types of seeds worldwide and they keep making formulations that deliver the seeds’ vitality to the skin making it healthy and glowing. 

The brand also commits itself to being eco-friendly. They solely rely on natural ingredients for their products and assures planet-friendly packaging. The brand adheres to FSC-certified paper packaging and is printed with soy ink. By providing users with clean products and making them happy, and healthy, Primera also wants to keep the environment clean, happy, and healthy. The brand creates products that get the best benefits of naturally-derived products but tries its best not to harm the environment as well. Talk about being responsible.

Best Products of Primera

The brand offers a wide range of high-quality pure, potent and natural products but we’ve summarized here the best of Primera.

Primera Miracle Seed Essence

The Primera Miracle Seed Essence is perfect for those experiencing dry skin and dull skin, uneven skin texture, loss of firmness and elasticity, and enlarged pores. It contains amino-rice lotus seeds that smoothen skin texture, improve skin tone, and hydrate profoundly leaving your skin glowing and radiant, and overall healthy.

The Primera Miracle Seed Essence also contains antioxidants that protect skin from aggressors and protect skin from signs of aging. It keeps skin moisturized to defend skin from dry environments. The essence also nourishes skin deeply and quickly and eliminates harmful substances that are already on your skin so that it can turn your skin back to its healthiest state preparing your skin for better absorption.

This Primera essence is suitable for dry, oily, combination, and normal skin. The product is also free from parabens, mineral oil, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic colorants, and artificial fragrances.

Primera Alpine Berry Watery Soothing Gel Cream

The Primera Alpine Berry Water Soothing Gel Cream soothes, moisturizes, and frees the skin from waste. The product is made of Alpine Berry Complex with pine leaf extract that helps skin recover from sensitized skin. It revitalizes skin making it healthy and bringing the skin temperature to -7.8-degree Celsius. This calms the skin and frees it from irritations and sensitivity. 

The key ingredient - Alpine Berry Complex is a pure and potent blend of wild strawberry sprouts. These sprouts are known to deliver highly moisturizing factors that can survive harsh environments. Primera translates this energy to their products to give the skin instant intense moisture, retain it over time and defend the skin from harmful environments. The Alpine Berry Complex along with Blackberry extracts contains antioxidants for healthier skin.

Primera Black Seed Cold-Brew Serum

The Primera Black Seed Cold-Brew Serum is a concentrated serum that addresses enlarged pores. It also improves elasticity and firmness which fights signs of aging. The product is suitable for dry, oily, combination, and normal skin. It uses potent black rice to hydrate and keep skin plump leaving it radiant and glowing. The antioxidants contained in this serum strengthen the moisture barrier that defends the skin from external stressors. 

The brand conducted a clinical trial and by self-assessment, 96% of women agree that there’s an improvement in skin firmness and elasticity. The same number agree that they noticed that their skin got brighter, clearer, smoother, and silkier. 

Bring Your Skin to Its Prime Era with Primera

With Primera’s selection of natural ingredients relying heavily on the purest and most potent seeds and sprouts, the brand gets the nourishing benefits during the seeds’ prime era. The energy of these seeds and sprouts is strong enough to withstand the harmful environment so the brand also gathers up this strong energy to translate into skincare. This energy revitalizes the skin and energizes it to defend itself from external stressors making the skin healthy and bringing it to its prime era.

Make sure your skin is at its prime with Primera.