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A'pieu is your beauty guru who produces skin solutions for trendy, energetic, and bubbly young women.


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A’pieu is a brand made for trendy, energetic, and bubbly young women. It is made for the pretty and witty to express themselves. They act as the beauty guru that takes care of your skin concerns from soothing your blemishes to winding down the dryness and flakiness in your skin.

The brand’s name came from a combination of the English “A” or first and “pieu” which means foundation or basic. A’pieu strengthens the foundation of the skin and gives its natural energy. The brand also makes sure its products are non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin and all other skin types. 

A’pieu was launched in 2008 and is now sold in over 20 countries in Asia, America, and Europe. The brand is a sister company of Missha which is also a renowned K-beauty brand.  A'pieu is like a little sister of Missha when it takes care of younger skin keeping it from aging. The brand preserves the youthful appearance and keeps the natural health of the skin as is.

Beauty Should Be Pure

The brand A’pieu believes that beauty should be pure. Its philosophy centers on using natural ingredients including different fruits and vegetables (like lemon and cucumber), herbs, and plant extracts (like witch hazel and chamomile). It also contains moisturizing ingredients based on natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen.

A’pieu doesn’t only believe in naturally-derived ingredients but in their quality which must be organic. Some of the brands’ ingredients are organic and naturally derived like snail mucus and fresh goat milk. 

Lastly, A’pieu makes sure their portions are hypoallergenic and do not contain harsh chemicals. It doesn’t contain parabens, mineral oils, and GMOs.

Best Products of A’Pieu

A’Pieu is a well-loved K-beauty brand that’s why you would always see users crowding their shops. They also have top-notch products that sell best and these are the top 3 products of A’Pieu: 1. A’Pieu Madecassoside Cream 2X, 2. A'Pieu Fusidium Trouble Calming Toner, 3. A’Pieu Mulberry Blemish Clearing Ampoule.

A’Pieu Madecassoside Cream 2X

The A’Pieu Madecassoside Cream 2X contains 2X more Madecassoside than A'Pieu's original product making it twice soothing, twice moisturizing, and twice the skin renewal capabilities. Madecassoside offers antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits that will surely calm inflamed, damaged, or acne-prone skin.

The product is mildly acidic which is what the skin needs to help protect itself from irritants. The A’Pieu Madecassoside Cream also contains Centella Asiatica and 5 Cica Complex which provides intensive soothing and moisturizing care. 

A’Pieu Fusidium Trouble Calming Toner

The A’Pieu Fusidium Trouble Calming Toner contains Fusidium as its key ingredient. It is a fungal ferment that soothes irritated and sensitive skin. The product also contains Dexpanthenol which prevents moisture loss while helping in soothing skin. 

The A’Pieu Fusidium Trouble Calming Toner also features PHA which the brand naturally derived from lactose to reduce skin irritation and exfoliate dead skin cells. Moreover, it penetrates so deeply that it also exfoliates the impurities stuck in the pores. Lastly, the product contains Licorice extract and Ectoin that provides moisture to the skin.

A’Pieu Mulberry Blemish Clearing Ampoule

The A’Pieu Mulberry Blemish Clearing Ampoule clears the skin of blemishes by fading them all away. Skin is left with brighter skin free of dark spots. We are loving the product’s promise of improvement in just 2 weeks.

It’s also made with mild and graded ingredients and has an EWG label that makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Lastly, it’s easily absorbed on the skin and leaves no greasy feeling.

A’Pieu for The Trendy and Witty You!

No matter how young our skin is, we always want it protected and free from irritations. But more so, we want it healthy and young! That’s why A’Pieu offers products that are soothing to both irritated and sensitive skin.