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Hera is one of the most preferred luxury brands in Korea known for its commitment to reinventing products to achieve the best of each kind and continue winning beauty awards globally.


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HERA is one of the most preferred luxury beauty brands in Korea that surpassed the global brand Chanel in the 1999 Novaction Japan and Korea survey Brand Equity Index. In 2020, it won 6 awards in the Glowpick Awards. HERA cosmetics like the HERA Black Foundation and HERA Black Cushion won the Winner rank while the other 4 products won Rookie.

HERA Beauty offers skincare and makeup that unveils one’s charm giving her confidence to fully shine bright. Its philosophy is to express confidence upon discovery of one’s unique individual beauty which is why its slogan says being true to yourself. Through skincare that penetrates deeply on skin and cosmetics that show colors on the outside, HERA is a complete beauty routine.

The Brand: HERA
HERA is one brand under Amorepacific. They are committed to excellence and keep on reinventing their products through technological innovation. The Rogue Holic glide-on lipstick has been reinvented 4 times for example and HERA Homme (which is HERA men’s line) has been reinvented twice since its launching in 2005.

HERA beauty is also committed to creating K-beauty items that would be recognized and given beauty awards. The HERA Black Cushion under HERA cosmetics topped the social media category at the Cosmo Beauty Awards in 2018 and was named no. 1 at the 2019 Hwahae Beauty Awards. The HERA Black Foundation was named winner in the foundation category at Beauty Review Winners in 2019 while the Sensual Tint won no. 1 in the lip tint category. In 2020, the Black Foundation, Black Cushion, Glow Lasting Cushion, Sensual Spicy Nude Gloss, Sensual Spicy Nude Balm, and Youth Activating Cell Serum won the Glowpick Awards.

Best of HERA Beauty
HERA is known for its skincare and makeup line. These are the 5 best products that made HERA one of the most desired K-beauty brands.
HERA Cell Essence Biome Plus™
The HERA Cell Essence Biome Plus™ creates healthy skin with Biome Plus™ technology. Hera beauty discovered that women in urban areas lose their skin microbiome more than those who aren’t. To help women defy aging and wrinkling, they created this essence to replenish the skin’s barrier using an optimal blend of nourishing ingredients.

Furthermore, The HERA Cell Essence contains probiotics and prebiotics. Both ingredients strengthen the skin barrier to keep the skin hydrated. The essence is water type which means it is quickly absorbed and the nutrients get dispersed quickly without feeling sticky.

How to use the HERA Beauty Cell Essence Biome Plus™
Soak ⅓ of your facial cotton pad or about 2.5mL in HERA beauty Cell Essence after washing in the morning and at night. Gently pat on the face for full absorption.

HERA Youth Activating Cell Serum
The HERA Youth Activating Cell Serum brings back your youthful glow. There are environmental factors that damage the skin making it rough and dull. These eventually bring out wrinkles and fine lines. To counter this, the HERA beauty serum infuses pyruvate to cultivate cells to deliver radiance to your skin. The serum is silky and soft that melts on your skin. It deeply penetrates giving a long-lasting youthful bright glow with a dewy finish.

How to use HERA Beauty Youth Activating Cell Serum
Gently apply the HERA Youth Activating Cell Serum all over the face and cover your face with your hands for it to be fully absorbed. Use morning and night.

HERA Black Foundation
The HERA Black Foundation, a bestseller of HERA cosmetics, offers 24-hour coverage that hugs the skin delivering a smooth semi-matte finish. It offers 12 colors to choose from. This product is infused with moisturizing ingredients that blend with skin. More so, it features a magnet-fit cover technology that looks like it’s newly applied all day long. It has a strong coverage that lasts on in the summer and is transfer-resistant perfect when wearing face masks.

How to use the HERA Beauty Black Foundation
Pump an adequate amount onto your fingers and gently dab onto your face. It follows either your sunscreen or a primer (HERA offers the Magic Starter).

HERA Black Cushion
The HERA Black Cushion is an alternative to your cream foundation. It’s in a powder-like case but also blends seamlessly and lasts all day long like the Black Foundation. The cushion features a layerless matte that doesn’t cake and darken when it’s not newly applied anymore. HERA cosmetics formulated 10 shades that fit Asian women's skin tones. HERA Black Cushion uses powder pigments coated with amino acid derivatives that improve translucency.

How to use the HERA Beauty Black Cushion
Using the HERA Black Cushion puff, take an adequate amount and gently dab onto your face. Like the Black Foundation, it’s applied after sunscreen or makeup a primer.

HERA Sensual Spicy Nude Balm
Another bestseller of the HERA cosmetics line is the HERA Sensual Spicy Nude Balm. It contains ingredients that plump up the lips and add volume for a smooth natural finish. It is offered in 11 different shades that are inspired by spices.

How to use the HERA Beauty Sensual Spicy Nude Balm
Apply an adequate amount onto lips and blend.

Final Thoughts
Hera’s commitment to skincare and cosmetic technological advancements made them one of the sought-after Kbeauty brands globally. They always aim for their products to be exemplary, making them garner awards for different products. To date, their bestsellers are what you need to bring out your inner beauty, build your confidence and shine brightly.