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Vital Beautie

Nurture your inner beauty with Vital Beautie and let yourself shine from the inside. Get a complete dose of healthy beauty from hair, face, body, and even nails.


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Vital Beautie

Vital Beautie is a brand under the skincare giant - Amorepacific. The philosophy of the brand is that real beauty is nurtured inside to be expressed outside that is why Vital Beautie provides healthy beauty. The brand conducted an extensive study on people’s lifestyles and psychology. They studied all genders, ages, and body shapes, and positioned themselves to deliver a lifestyle solution. 

The brand, with years and years of Korean knowledge, uses ingredients like ginseng, green tea, and soybean, and advanced technology. So from healthy beauty to health completed by beauty. Moreover, the brand is known to have introduced an ampoule-style container which is adored by many.

Best Products of Vital Beautie

Vital Beautie has been the go-to brand of South Koreans when it comes to healthy beauty. From a dose of collagen to probiotics to body fat control, Vital Beautie has it all. But what can we recommend? Get these products today: (1) Vital Beautie Super Collagen Essence, (2) Vital Beautie Meta Green Slim, and (3) Vital Beautie Meta Green Shake Me.

Vital Beautie Super Collagen Essence

The Vital Beautie Super Collagen Essence contains 1,100mg of Fish Collagen Peptide that keeps skin hydrated and elastic. It also contains Biotin which gives optimal care to nails, hair, and skin. Say goodbye to chipping nails, thin and breaking hair, and aging skin showing fine lines and wrinkles. The product also slows down aging. Another key ingredient of this essence is Selenium that aids in improving immunity.

The Vital Beautie Super Collagen Essence supports skin regeneration and renewal. The product is awarded by the International Quality Evaluation Organization. cGMP Manufacturing (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and Third-party certified for Purity and Safety. It is non-GMO, hormone-free, gluten-free, and has no preservatives.

Vital Beautie Meta Green Slim 

The Vital Beautie Meta Green Slim is a  pack of pills formulated to control body fat. Perfect for those who want a steady diet, this pack of pills will ensure that you’re in shape and healthy!

Vital Beautie Meta Green Shake Me

The Vital Beautie Meta Green Shake Me is light but nutritional supplement for additional protein after a workout and other nutrients that seem to be lacking in your current diet. Perfect for a snack, the Vital Beautie Meta Green Shake Me comes in a powder to be mixed with water or milk and ends up being a nutritious protein shake.

Healthy Beauty from Within with Vital Beautie

A believer in healthy beauty, the brand creates products that target not just the skin but the overall nutrition of the body and makes sure the inner beauty shows from within. Vital Beautie formulates products that will benefit the body and improve beauty. It all starts with a boost in collagen, selenium, protein, and other vitamins and minerals our body needs. The effect? Healthy-looking hair, skin, and even nails - the real glow from the inside.