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Kuoca brings your skin a fine-dining experience as it gives the freshest ingredients and the best blend that will bring your skin so much hydration, resilience, and a youthful glow.


Benjamin Yu and Jisu Kim launched Kuoca for the general public in 2019 intending to provide the best skincare you can give your skin. It all started when Jisu worked in the musical production industry and noticed the struggles of celebrities with stage makeup and lights on their skin. Some of them would ask Jisu which skincare was best but she couldn’t guarantee a brand or product for sure so she decided on creating products with the best ingredients with Benjamin’s help.

Kuoca means “fine dining chef” in Italian which is what the brand stands for. That is why every ingredient in every product comes fresh. It is like placing premium white truffle, fresh green caviars, and blood oranges on your skin; but better, because the brand’s blending technique gives all the ingredients the perfect blend, and size to penetrate the skin deeply. Moreover, the ingredients mixed bring different but mutual benefits of anti-aging, moisturizing, and brightening.

Kuoca: Fresh and Potent

Kuoca brings the freshest ingredients to preserve each ingredient’s potency. The brand also makes sure that the blending techniques used in each product are perfect to create a perfect mix making every skincare an effective formulation. The key ingredient of the brand is Premium White Truffle showing the brand’s luxury feel. In fact, when the brand started formulating skin solutions in 2014, it was only offered to VIPs and celebrities because of the steep price. 

Kuoca serves you fresh. The brand only offers products that were manufactured within 30 days of the selling period. This is because the brand believes that ingredients that were harvested and blended within this time frame are the most potent, hence, effective, and will give good results. The brand is also strict in using the products within an 18-month time frame. Kuoca also offers made-to-order so the customers get the freshest ingredients and blends.

Best Products of Kuoca

Kuoca is one of the bestselling mid-range to high-end Kbeauty brand. Feel luxurious when you apply their products with premium white truffle as its key ingredient. These products are a must-get right now: (1) Kuoca Cream Blend, (2) Kuoca Serum Blend, (3) Kuoca Repair Blend, and (4) Kuoca Purifying Toner Blend.

Kuoca Cream Blend

The Kuoca Cream Blend is a cult favorite. It has won awards like Allure’s Best of Beauty Editor’s Pick in 2020, and Beauty Pick in 2021. It’s the brand’s bestselling product and has garnered a lot of good customer reviews.

The Kuoca Cream Blend does not only give the skin instant hydration, it gives the skin resilience too. Kuoca features the Triple Truffle technology that blends the white truffle’s rich minerals and nutrients, Lipidure PMB, and betaine that gives maximum hydration to the skin making it healthy and glowing. It also helps in the skin’s moisture retention. Moreover, the nutritious blend brings the skin to its healthiest and gives the skin back its resilience. The Kuoca Cream Blend has a silky texture that is thick enough to last all day. In addition. It contains ingredients that help with wrinkles and sagging skin. Overall, it gives deep hydration and anti-aging benefits. Users will also love the scent with notes of Peonies, Lilies, Bergamot, and Carrot Seeds, along with Geranium, Vanilla, and others.

Kuoca Serum Blend

The Kuoca Serum Blend features the Tripple Truffle technology that again supplies nutrition and builds skin resilience. It also contains Squalene which helps in skin repair and skin hydration without clogging the pores. The Kuoca Serum Blend also offers skin rejuvenation and revitalization with Chaga Mushrooms which contain beta-glucan. Moreover, the serum gives your skin a brighter look. Your skin will look younger with the blend’s anti-aging benefits.

Kuoca Repair Blend

The Kuoca Repair Blend contains almost similar contents to the Kuoca Serum Blend. The difference is that the Kuoca Repair Blend features an oriental tea complex that eases wrinkles and improves skin resilience. The tea complex undergoes a supersonic extraction method that minimizes the loss of nutrients so you get the best benefits.

Kuoca Purifying Toner Blend

The Kuoca Purifying Toner Blend is your secret to refreshed skin. This toner exfoliates and hydrates at the same time leaving your skin clean and smooth in texture. It also contains Kuoca’s signature Triple Truffle technology for hydration and resilience. Moreover, it features fermented rice that also aids in exfoliation and hydration. The Kuoca Purifying Toner also aids skin firming with Sanghwang Mushrooms which boosts collagen production and reduces melanin pigmentation. 

Kuoca: Only The Freshest for Your Skin

Kuoca is highly commendable for its commitment to bringing only the freshest ingredients and the best blend that will bring your skin so much hydration and resilience. All of their products also give anti-aging benefits that will bring your skin to its healthiest glow.