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Carla Lab

Carla Lab creates high-quality skincare by extracting the optimum substances from flowers to be fermented for quick and better absorption.


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Carla is a Korean skincare brand that aims to become a global K-beauty skincare and cosmetics line since its conception. To fully realize this goal, Carla does extensive research in the K-beauty field and uses well-developed technology to create high-quality and effective products. The Korean skincare brand continues to innovate to be better and more successful in the K-beauty world.

Carla is part of SPS International Inc. and is one of the brands that excel in the K-beauty realm. The company aims for Carla to be bigger by partnering up with professional cosmetic manufacturers to go beyond the norm and make the Korean skincare brand your ultimate beauty destination.

Carla launched globally in 2018 in the Middle East and is affordable enough to be the Korean skincare brand for every woman. Carla’s products are also known to meet the skin’s ideal pH level which is between 5 and 5.5.

Best Products of Carla

The Korean skincare brand Carla is affordable to consumers but some of its products are worth reordering. Here are the best products of Carla:

Carla Lab Lacto Biome Balancing Cream

Carla Lab Lacto Biome Balancing Cream contains 4FR planta-complex for healthier skin. It provides antioxidants from pomegranate and lotus flowers, plum blossoms, and hollyhock. Carla Balancing Cream soothes, purifies dull skin, and brightens. It also protects the skin barrier from external stressors. Moreover, the product improves signs of aging by tightening fine lines and wrinkles.

The product’s 4FR planta-complex was fermented for better skin absorption and a lower chance of skin irritation. Other key ingredients include chickweed extract, purslane, and argan oil to protect skin from harmful stress including UV rays. Moreover, the Korean skincare brand made sure the product provides hydration while soothing skin and adds moisture barrier through Macadamia and Camellia seed oil, and cactus stem. Lastly, Carla included pumpkin extract and olive oil to improve signs of aging and prevent wrinkles.

The Carla Lacto Biome Balancing Cream is lightweight but deeply moisturizes and softens skin, without leaving you with a greasy feeling at all.

Carla Lab Lacto Biome All-in-One Essence

The Carla Lab Lacto Biome All-in-One Essence is another product that contains the 4FR planta-complex to help balance healthy skin. Like the Balancing Cream, the essence also contains products like purslane, chickweed, Cactus stem, argan oil, and niacinamide to protect skin and make sure it’s well-hydrated. It also keeps the ideal pH 5~5.5 for healthier and firm-looking skin. The Carla All-in-One Essence makes sure to leave your skin soft, supple, glowing, and young-looking upon application with its tight hydration.

Carla Lab Lacto Biome Red Shot Ampoule

The Carla Lab Lacto Biome Red Shot Ampoule contains natural estrogen extracted from pomegranate and Carla keeps it fresh in this ampoule; hence, calling it Red Shot. It also contains the 4FR planta-complex that soothes, protects, hydrates, and improves the appearance of aging skin. It doesn’t stop in hydrating the skin but also boosts the supply of skin moisture. It brightens and evens out skin tone. Moreover, it lightens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving you a youthful glow. Likewise, the Carla Red Shot Ampoule keeps pH between 5~5.5. The Carla Red Shot Ampoule also gets absorbed quickly without the greasy feeling. 

Carla: The Korean Skincare Brand That Ferments

Carla tries to innovate the skincare realm by using fermented flowers to get more nourishing substances from the extracted blossoms. It also helps for quick and better absorption without feeling greasy and lowers the probability of skin irritation as it contains soothing elements in them. Carla uses this technology and innovation in creating high-quality products that users will love.