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Wooliliwoo acknowledges the need for self-care for Moms but is also safe enough to be close to our babies. Wooliliwoo is a gift for both Moms and kids. All products can take care of the whole household.


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Wooliliwoo got its inspiration from Moms who take care of their children but also want to have that self-care. The brand was launched by Chae Rim, an actress who juggles her life as a single Mom. Wooliliwoo is a brand made for Moms who cannot have too much time pampering themselves. It's a brand that you can use while sneaking some time after the baby sleeps. Moreover, it’s a brand that you can bring close to your baby because they’re all organically made and safe for babies and children. 

Wooliliwoo means “our gift” because babies are gifts to Moms and vice versa. Thereby, the products of the brand are like gifts for Moms on their self-care, as well as, Moms' gifts to babies because they will be safe with all their skincare and cosmetics. Moreover, all products are quick and easy to use so Moms can go back to their babies in no time. 

Best Products of Wooliliwoo

Wooliliwoo has become popular for those who want a quick and easy regimen that is also mild and safe for children. Here are the best products of the brand: (1) Wooliliwoo Egg Cleansing Water, and (2) 

Wooliliwoo Egg Cleansing Water

The Wooliliwoo Egg Cleansing Water gently bubbles up when lathered and effectively removes sunscreen, dirt, and impurities. It contains Probiotics and Prebiotics, and a Tearmimetics Water (instead of purified water) that smoothens the skin leaving it relaxed without any tight feeling. It is definitely safe for any family member because it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and has weak acidity.

Wooliliwoo Egg Sun Cushion

The Wooliliwoo Egg Sun Cushion provides skin protection and sunblock. It comes in a cushion form and is filled with Nutrition Fluid Water that permeates the skin to hydrate and fortify. It also contains Phytosterol to strengthen the skin barrier. It also helps after sun exposure as it cools down the skin temperature. It also soothes the skin with its Calamine Powder content. It’s a re-applicable sunscreen for all members of the family and protects the skin from skin damage. 

Wooliliwoo: Created by Moms for Moms and the Whole Family

A Mother’s instinct they say, but wouldn't you entrust your skin and your family’s skin to your Mom? Well, that’s Wooliliwoo for you, it’s your Mom taking care of the whole household. Entrust your skin with products that don’t contain harmful ingredients and are mild for everyone including kids! Use Wooliliwoo.