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the SAEM Iceland Hydrating Essence 60ml

$30.00 $36.00

Product Description

The SAEM Iceland Hydrating Essence is formulated with Iceland biomineral water that provides rich moisture. This double-layer essence is coated on water film that it absorbs on the skin quickly and easily leaving the skin with intense hydration. The product also contains Vitamin E capsule essence that aids in moisturizing the skin and giving it long-lasting hydration. Moreover, the SAEM Iceland Hydrating Essence offers clean Iceland sea kelp and plant extract grown from the pristine Iceland sea which is rich in minerals leaving your skin refreshed and healthy. 

The biomineral water, Vitamin E capsule essence, and kelp and plant extracts work together in keeping skin plump and firm by preventing loss of skin moisture. It also soothes sensitive skin. The SAEM Iceland Hydrating Essence is perfect for those looking to bring back moisture on their dehydrated, dry and dull complexions.

Skin Type

All Skin Types 

Skin Issues

Dry and Dull Complexions, Dehydrated Skin

How to use The SAEM Iceland Hydrating Essence

After toner, pump 1-2 times of The SAEM Iceland Hydrating Essence. Gently apply to the skin. Let it absorb fully. May also pat gently to aid absorption.