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The History of Whoo Cheongidan Wild Ginseng Facial Oil 30ml



Containing 54% of the extract made from organic Korean wood-cultivated ginseng that are at least 7 years old, the essence can effectively replenish the skin with positive energy. Fortifying wheat germ oil moisturises the skin without any greasiness. Active ingredients can quickly penetrate into the skin for it to regain elasticity and radiance.

How to use

Use after toner, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly over face. Gently massage to enhance product absorption. Cover your face with your balm to enhance blood circulation and allow nurients to penetrate the skin. When skin is irritated during seasonal change, or with redness induced by skin allergy. Ampoule oil can be incorporated into moisturizer or essence to soothe and balance skin. Improving the complexion for a healthier looking skin.