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The History of Whoo Cheongidan Regenerating Eye Serum 25ml



The Eye Essence adopts the Korean remedy for bright and radiant eyes. By promoting metabolism and blood circulation, it helps to remove the precipitating pigments around the eyes, and revitalises the eyes with the Secret Royal Court Brightening Formula. The product contains 3 esoteric court formulas: DamSeolnxue Dan (purifies the under-eye skin), the royal ingredient Pyrujuven™" (normalises the pigment cells) and the ancient pearl ingredient that has been passed down to the present, bestowing dazzling brilliance upon the eyes! Its uniquely soft and silky texture adheres to the skin smoothly, providing nourishment for the eye contour area to retain vitality and firmness.

How to use

Use appropriate amount of Illuminating Regenerating Eye Serum at any time of the day, on its own or before Radiant Regenerating Eye Cream. Dab on and smoothly apply over eye contour area from the inner corner to the outward. Massage afterwards for better absorption.