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The History of Whoo Cheongidan Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate 40ml



Harnessing the nourishing power of CheonGiDan as well as the Qi (blood circulation) enhancing natural wood-cultivated ginseng and wild mulberry, the Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate Mask utilises highly-concentrated essence to inject vitality into the skin and intensively repair damages. Use it in the morning and evening to address all skin concerns and regain radiance. It contains 15 times more highly concentrated gel-like essence than the Radiant Regenerating Cream, which can be quickly absorbed to reach the dermis layer of the skin. By locking in moisture and providing rich nutrition to the skin, it is the ultimate answer to skin concerns such as dry lines and loss of elasticity. After use, the skin appears hydrated, firmer and full of lustre. This non-greasy mask is suitable for all seasons.

How to use

Use daily after applying balancer and before Cheongidan Radiant Regenerating Essence, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly over skin, massage gently until product is full absorbed. The formula helps to repair skin and act as a pre-essence that can enhance the asorbtion of the remaining products in your routine.