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SUNGBOON EDITOR Silk Peptide Intensive Lifting Ampoule 35ml



: Silk peptide thread lifting ampoule against skin age. : From deep wrinkles to fine wrinkles, as many as 19 clinically proven. - Skin age improvement 16.43% - Reduced the number of wrinkles on the entire face by 14% - Improvement of skin elasticity 10.65% : 3 step lifting system stretches and pulls wrinkles. - Deep wrinkle lifting, fine wrinkle lifting, skin elasticity lifting : Human body friendly silk peptide, quickly absorbed into the skin. : Collagen thread quickly recharges collagen and moisture for elastic skin. : Volufiline provides rich nutrition for strong and firm skin care. : 48% silk water containing rich protein as a base. : Transparent ampoule contains golden collagen thread. : Moisture-rich formula that absorbs quickly without stickiness. : Skin hypoallergenic test completed.

How to use

1. Remove the transparent cap on the top of the ampoule. 2. Insert the syringe into the rubber stopper and tilt the ampoule to take an appropriate amount. 3. After use, insert the syringe into the ampoule and store it.


Silk extract, purified water, 13 types of peptide complex, borphyrin, collagen This ingredient list applies to all variants of this product. Actual ingredients of a specific product option might vary from this list as the ingredients are subject to change at the manufacturer's discretion. Please check the product packaging for the most updated ingredient list.