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Su:m37 Water-full Intense Enriched Ampoule 15mlX4pcs

$182.00 $219.00


A 4-week intense hydration treatment, specifically designed for women who suffer from skin dryness under busy urban environment.

Containing Ceramide, Minerals, Amino Acid and Lactobacillus fermented nutrients, it strengthens the skin moisture passages and facilitates the formation of Glycosaminoglycans by 5 times, providing a deep moisturization and nutrients to skin, enhancing skin elasticity and smooth wrinkles.

Allows rich nutrients directly delivered to lower dermis layer.

Does not contain synthetic fragrance.


Direction of use:

After toner, press the bottom of bottle to take an appropriate amount on palm and apply on face. Suggest to apply repeatedly on dull and rough skin. Gently massage to enhance absorption.

Apply in day and night with 1 bottle per week, consistently apply for 4 weeks as an intensive treatment process.