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Su:m37 Summa Elixir 8-Miracle Power Essence 60ml

$165.00 $198.00


A luxury anti-aging essence debuts with 10 years of natural fermentation science and latest scientific technology.

Contains 15% high-concentrated Miracle 8 RepairTM and 3 patented natural fermentation ingredients – Cytosis®, Orchid Y and Ferm TheriacaTM.

Consecutively apply it for 7 days, to improve 8 major skin concerns including moisture, lifting, elasticity, wrinkle, radiance, pore, skin texture and barrier. Skin is improved noticeably which can be favourably comparable to beauty treatment of aesthetic medicine.

Skin friendly. Gentle and non-irritating. Rich nutrients easily and instantly delivered to lower dermis layer of skin.


Direction of use:

After toner, take an appropriate amount on palm and apply on face with gentle massage.