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Su:M37 Secret Essence Double Concentrate 50ml



A concentrated anti-aging essence that contains the essence of fermentation. It brightens and brightens the skin and gives the skin a tightly filled elasticity.

Deeper and deeper, the essence of nature and fermentation, Cytosis® is concentrated and contained. 10 years of secret essence release, You can experience a different skin with the power of deeper and deeper fermentation by concentrating Cytosis®, the secret of beautiful skin, discovered through constant research and commitment to nature and fermentation. The effect of Double Ampoule Perm™ as if you were applying the ampoule twice The natural fermentation technology that has been completed through years of experimentation to maximize skin efficacy provides deeper effects by putting the energy that increases the moment the flower blooms into two ampoules through the fermentation process. The secret of young skin, an anti-aging essence that cares for fine aging of the skin It is not recognized due to the influence of the external harmful environment, but it takes care of the micro-aging of the skin of women these days, which is going on every day, to make the skin firmly full and radiant.

How to use

After using Secret Essence, pump an appropriate amount, apply gently along the skin texture in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin, then cover the face with the palms and let it absorb deeply.