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Su:m37 Secret Enhancing Emulsion 120ml

$73.00 $88.00


Combination of core ingredient, Cytosis® and Firm BalanceTM, it addresses 8 common skin concerns: moisture, elasticity, radiance, skin tone, vitality, calmness, skin texture and skin barrier.

The use of Non-irritating Triple Moisturizing Care, consisting of Beta-Glucan, Betaine and Ceramide, strengthens the skin barrier and provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect which soothes sensitive skin.

Fine emulsified particles enhance the penetration ability of the emulsion which facilitates skin absorption. Liquid Crystal Lamellar Structure allows the emulsion to wrap the oil on skin that gives the skin a moisturizing sensation that leaves the skin looking smoother and improves the health of skin keratin.

Does not contain synthetic fragrance.


Direction of use:

After applying toner and serum, apply an appropriate amount on your face and neck, gently massage until absorbed.