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Su:m37 Fleur Regenerative Serum 50ml



Anti-aging series specifically designed for Asian women, addresses skin pre-aging and defers spread of aging.

Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Trehalose, Ceramide and Sugarcane derived moisturizing ingredients, to refine and stabilize the molecules of serum. Easily absorbed, it nourishes skin and locks nutrients for prolonged time, enhancing skins self-regeneration.

Use of Stratum corneum normalization technology to correct skin dullness and smoothness.

With the help of Orchid Y ComplexTM and Purity FermTM technique, it increases skin elasticity and strengthens the skin barrier, restructuring a healthy skin frame.

Offers a fresh and non-sticky feel.

Does not contain synthetic fragrance.


Direction of use:

After toner, take an appropriate amount of serum on palm and apply on face with gentle massage.