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Sioris Light it up essener 100ml



A daily anti-aging essence that contains 19% of organic bellflower seeds to improve wrinkles and have whitening effects. * Moist ampoule type concentrated essence formulation Provides a non-sticky finish when absorbed quickly and refreshingly

How to use

1. After cleansing, take an appropriate amount of essence at the first step of skin care. 2. Apply evenly to the outside of the face and tap lightly to absorb. TIP. On days when intensive care is needed, soak a cotton pad in essence and use it as a skin pack for 10 minutes.


* Sulponin™ : Sioris's own organic formula - A multi-nutrition complex created by mixing the saponin component contained in bellflower seeds and sulforaphane contained in broccoli in an optimal ratio. - flower, leaf, root, and stem extracts of bellflower 19% - Broccoli extract 4%