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Sioris Let Me Refresh Foam Cleanser 120ml



A slightly acidic foam cleanser that adds moisture to organic oat seed water, oat powder, and LHA ingredients to help exfoliate dead skin cells. * Creamy silk bubble foam texture The soft bubble foam reduces skin irritation caused by friction during face washing and thoroughly cleanses wastes and makeup residues.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount on your hands, make bubbles, and then wash your face as if massaging. TIP. For point makeup, use a dedicated remover.


Key Ingredients

* 30% Organic Oats Oat seed water and finely ground oat flour excellent for soothing and moisturizing * Anti Sebum P Complex 1% Soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin, reduces tightness after washing and leaves moisture. * LHA A collection of only the advantages of AHA, BHA, and PHA Helps care for dead skin cells and sensitive skin while maintaining skin oil-moisture balance.