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REYENA16 Aqua Bubble Blossom Toner 150ml

$30.00 $36.00


  • 💗 SOOTHING BUBBLY TONER: Feel the freshness of cooling ingredients and soft cotton candy-like bubbles on your skin Reneya16 face toner enriched with Aloe and Caulerpa Lentillifera. The refreshing ingredients in our facial toner will help improve the skin texture while improving its softness.


  • 💗 OFFERS INTENSE MOISTURIZATION: Reneya16 exfoliating toner with Aloe extracts will help renew the skin cells and strengthen the moisture barrier. This hydrating toner for dry and oily skin keeps the dry and dull skin soft, hydrated and dewy, and nourished even in dry weather.


  • 💗 REGULATES OIL EXCRETION: Our oily skincare helps to cleanse fine dust and other impurities from the pores and allows the skin to breathe. This pore refining face toner regulates oil secretion and controls sebum production while tightening the pores to offer a youthful, shine-free glow.


  • 💗 FOR SKIN THAT LOOKS YOUNG: This toner with nourishing ingredients helps to improve skin elasticity by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. It offers a visibly lifted skin that looks younger, smoother, and firmer, just like when you were 16!


  • 💗 SUBTLE SCENT AND NON-DRIPY FORMULA: Start your skincare routine with Reneya16 Aqua Bubble Toner that will soothe your irritated skin while its soothing scent calms your mind. The bubbly formulation of our pore cleanser with a slight viscosity form moisture and nutrition bubbles that suits every skin type.