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Red Cookies Water Dew Velvet Tint 5g

$24.00 $29.00

[RedCookies] WATER DEW VELVET TINT #D1 - Maeryunk Ending






Velvet texture with excellent adhesion

5 times higher moisture content than Velvet tint.

Velvet texture color that adheres to the lips at once, It makes transparent lips. 

With just one touch, it compensates for shortcomings such as wrinkles on the lips with vivid color and dense texture.


Smooth finish

Fine powder particles and moist velvet texture express sensual lips.

It compensates for the thickness of the lipstick and the dryness of the tint to realize light application without friction.


Long lasting

Strong tint function keeps the color for a long time like doing tattoo.


Moisture retention

Long-lasting moisturizing for dry lips


Powdery finish

The lips are moist on the inside and matte on the outside, giving your lips a luscious finish that lasts all day.



How To Use

1.Matte liquid lipstick: apply along the lip lines and fill for full coverage.

2.Lip tint: apply on the inner and center of lips and blend.