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Red Cookies Nunken Matte Eyeliner 5g

$24.00 $29.00






Easy to use with excellent adhesion

It is easy to use even for beginners as it develops smoothly without breaking the color. You can fill in the wrinkles around the eyes with one touch.


Fast and strong holding power 

Using raw materials with excellent adhesion, there is no dusting, fast fixing, and no smearing or erasing.


Long lasting with strong waterproof function

Strong fixing function that is fixed for 24 hours without being erased or smeared even by oil, moisture, and sweat.


stylish eyeliner makeup

It is not a glossy film type, but a matte color that does not reflect light. It gives the effect of making your eyes look bigger and clearer from any angle.



How To Use

1 Apply a thick line of NUNKEN MATTE EYELINER right above your lashes.

2 Extend a thin line from the corner of your eye.

3 Connect another thin line to create a triangle.

4 Fill in the empty space, and you have a perfect wing!