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Red Cookies Glow Water Wrap Tint 4.5g

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Long lasting water gloss

After applying it to the lips, the transparent water glow gradually rises as time passes, and it keeps the lips moist for a long time.


Fresh texture without stickiness

The non-sticky lip gloss protects your lips the moment they come in contact with your lips.


Keep your lips moist with strong moisturizing

The lip gloss ingredient envelops the lips and keeps them moist for a long time without drying out.


No smudging after application

As time passes after application, the tint and oil are separated and a transparent film is formed on the tint to prevent color loss.



How To Use

1.Matte liquid lipstick: apply along the lip lines and fill for full coverage.

2.Lip tint: apply on the inner and center of lips and blend.