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REBLOCELL nocnoc Radial



Immediate lifting by facial region after one-time use. Be gorgeous wherever you go 10 minutes a day To lymph node circulation, contour management, asymmetry management, neck wrinkle elasticity, and swelling mangement, which are difficult to manage at home Reblocell does not promise rapid results. instead, it emphasizes the importance of proper and accurate skin care, even if the process is slow. The brand prioritizes skin health by meticulouly selecting high-quality raw materials and delivering genuine effects, which is reflected in their daily commitment to promoting healthy skin Point 1 The difference between general beauty devices and nocnoc radial 0% chance of developing resistance Unlike conventional devices, the nocnoc Radial uses an irregular waveform to provide effective stimulation that improves circulation, allowing for consistent and lasting results even with prolonged use. Point 2 nocnoc radial provides instant stimulation that targets facial contours, swelling management, and circulation through blood points and lymph nodes One millionth of a second, instantaneous stimulation By delivering a short and strong sitmulus, similar to a bee sting, it effectively massages the facial muscles and reaches the nerves in the dermal layer, helping to relieve inflammation nocnoc Radial is effective in managing facial contours and swelling by identifying areas where muscles are tight and providing targeted stimulation that improves circulation Even lymph node circulation management, which was difficult to manage in the past Point 3 Not only for managing facial swelling and pain but also for managing pain and swelling in other areas of the body. By using it consistently on the affected area, it provides stimulation similar to acupuncture at an oriental clinic, resulting in pain relief Ideal for relieving tightness and pain in the neck and shoulder muscles, as well as reducing swelling and sagging in the forearms and tightness in the calves 30sec To use, lightly place the device on the affected area for about 30 seconds and wait for relief Point 4 Its lightweight and long -lasting design makes it easy and convenient to use. 120g Ultra-light beauty device Pack lightly Carry it with you anywhere and use it as needed. 6months it operates using 2 AAA batteries, whch can last up to 60 months based on 10minutes of usel per day, eliminating the need for frequent recharging - with the convenience of an alkaline battery, operates without generating any electromagnetic waves. Electrodes that touch the skin are 24k plated 24K Gold + Titanium Gold + Sugical STEEL

How to use

1. Press and hold the power button 2. Short press the power button to change the mode 3.Place the electrode part on the skin and adjust the strength until you fell a slight tingling sensation. 4. Without rubbing, lightly place the device on the treatment point and wait for 10 to 30 seconds 5. Press and hold the power button to shut down the device. It will also shut down automatically after 10 minutes of operation