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REBLOCELL Flossom UV Moisturising Sunscreen Pocket - 10ea / box

10ea / box


A daily sunscreen It's moist and refreshing without stickiness Light and moist like lotion

- It's refreshing to use for all seasons SPF50+ /PA++++ UV protection index suitable for golf, travel, and outdoor activities Anyone, regardless of skin tone, can use it naturally Double Moisture Locking System - Moisturizing Long-lasting Sunscreen Sunscreen that you want to use every day like lotion without stickiness - It maintains the smooth application of lotion and removes the heavyness of sunscreen It's not white cast, and it's comfortable for men and women of - Regardless of the skin tone, everyone naturally adheres thinly to the skin without white cast Double Moisture Locking System for Long Moisture - It pulls moisture into the skin and prevents loss to keep the skin moist for a long time Step 1 Hydrating and filling the skin The saccharide isomerate, called the 'hydrating magnet,' attracts water particles into the skin's cells to hydrate the skin. Step 2 Moisturizes and blocks moisture evaporation Acacia-derived peptides activate the moisture system in the skin and lock moisture to maintain moisture.

- Smooth lotion type - Zero white cast, Zero stickiness - [SPF50+/PA++++] Powerful UV protection - Double Moisture Locking System for Moisturization - Sunscreen that prioritizes both skin and the environment -Easy to portable