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NeoGen Green tea moist PHA Gauze peeling 30Pad



Green Tea Moist PHA Gauze Peeling is a patented triple-structured pure cotton pad, on one side, the soft gauze cotton removes dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, while the other embossed side is soaked with essence that moisturizes and soothes stressed skin.

How To Use

1. Insert your finger between the gauze peeling pad side and embossing side. *Use 1 pcs for a day.*

2. Try with the gauze peeling side first. Wipe softly. Mesh gauze neatly removes the dead skin cells.

3. Try with the embossing side with gentle pressure. It removes perfectly the remaining waste. *Wash with lukewarm water.*

*Suggested use: 2-3 times a week, increase the frequency of usage as needed.*

Key Ingredients

Green Tea

Green Tea helps soothe and hydrate fatigued skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Balances moisture and enhance skin firmness and elasticity.


4 peeling ingredients to care for skin texture, skin tone, skin glow, and skin calming at once!