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Neogen Dermalogy Real Fresh Foam Cleanser Blueberry 160G

$29.00 $35.00


"Gentle and Hydrating Foam Cleanser Formulated from Natural Ingredients and Real Blueberries"

100% Actual Real Fruit + Real Fruit Extracts

Further Combined with 99 naturally-derived ingredients!

Real Fresh Cleansing Foams Delivered in 4 Types!

 ♥ Freshness of 100% real fruit!

> Directly provides the effect of 100% real fruit to the skin

♥ Containing 99 kinds of natural ingredients!

> Pore caring, skin calming, moisturizing

♥ Proved skin change by 7 clinical test!

> Effective skin improvement results

♥ No skin dryness! Moisturizing cleansing

> Gentle and hydrating cleansing through rich foam lather

♥ Unstimulated relief care Completed clinical test!

> 1st cleansing foam that acquired ‘unstimulated’


How To Use

1. Take an adequate amount by pumping 2 ~ 3 times in wet condition on face and hands.

2. Rub bubbles softly on entire face like massage.

3. Rinse it with warm water cleanly when make-up is removed enough.


Key Ingredients


Helps maintain glowing, and hydrated skin through a constant supply of moisture