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Neogen Dermalogy Calming Cica Tree Pad 150mL (90 Pads)

$31.00 $38.00
90 pads


A fine microfiber pad that contains abundant highly enriching essence containing Cica Complex and Tea Tree Leaf extract that calms irritated skin resulting from the external environment. It provides gentle exfoliation while soothing the sensitive skin, leaving it moist and smooth.


How To Use

*Use 1 pcs for a day.*

1. After washing the face, take out a pad and gently wipe the entire face except around the eyes.

2. Turn the pad upside down and wipe it in the direction of the skin texture.

3. After use, seal the cap to prevent the pads from drying and finish with your usual skincare routine.

*A no-wash exfoliator, no need to rinse off*

*Suggested use: daily use.*


Key Ingredients

5 Cica + Tea Tree

Developed to calm irritated skin from environmental aggressors.

5 Cica: Centella Asiatica Extract, Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiatic Acid, Madecassoside


PHA (moisturizing peeling ingredient) & LHA (pore cleansing peeling ingredient) are both non-irritating daily peeling ingredients that gently exfoliates unnecessary keratin and sebum to create a softer skin texture.


Forms a protective barrier that locks in hydration and moisture, while treating skin inflammation and acne.