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Hanyul Moonlight Citron Sleeping Mask 60ml

$57.00 $69.00


  • Volume: 60ml
  • The antioxidant effect of Citron vita C Complex, sleep pack containing 6 Gohung Citron that wake up with dreamy skin at night.
  • The overnight mask relieves skin’s fatigue accumulated all day with the anti-oxidant effect of Yuja Vita C complex and provides deep rest to skin by filling skin with the energy of naturally fermented yuja water.

How to Use

  • Use after washing the face.
  • Put an appropriate amount on your palm and evenly apply on the face and neck in an upward sweeping motion. (Appropriate amount per session : the size of a 500 won coin) When using a cotton pad, fully soak the cotton pad and gently wipe the face starting from the inside and working outward.