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Dr. G DRoyal Black Snail Cream Mask 1ea 16g



Dr. G’s Lifting and Firming Skin Solution for Sensitive Skin! Adhesion care mask made with a stretchy wrapping sheet that lifts tired skin Nourishing Black Snail Mucin, Royal Jelly Protein, Black Bee Honey Extract provide the skin with nourishment. Moisture Wrapping Blocks contact from external air, prevents cream from evaporating, and helps apply cream directly to skin. Form Fitting Lifts tired skin with a stretchy wrapping sheet.

How to use

1. After applying the toner, take out a sheet mask removing the protective layer. 2. Place the sheet mask on the face. 3. After 10~30 minutes, remove the mask and gently tap the remaining essence until it has been absorbed in the skin.


- Black Bee Honey Extract : Black bees survived the harsh environment of the post-Glacial Period in the Alps. Black Bee OmeTM strengthens the skin barrier with black bee honey extract and fermented ingredients, which is a blend created via Dr.G’s dermo technology. - Royal Jelly Protein : Royal Epigen P5 in royal jelly helps reinvigorate and nourish the skin. - Black Snail : Intensive skin nourishing with black snail, which endures up to 6 months of hibernation with the nutrients in the body.