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CNP Laboratory Propolis Moon Night Mask Pack 50ml

$35.00 $36.00


The mask pack provides elasticity and vitality to skin the next day by giving intensive care to skin during sleep. Formula containing propolis and vitamin P ingredients provides energy to tired skin.

-Replenishes Your Skin's Vital Energy Overnight
Formulated with active ingredients which help to replenish and revitalize tired skin's vital energy while you are asleep to reveal a healthier, moisturized skin glow the morning after.

-Propolis Nutritive Care
The active propolis ingredient extracted from the honeycomb helps to provide your skin with nutritive care, resulting in a vital, healthy skin glow.

-Moisturizing Formula Full Of Nourishment
A highly moisturizing overnight mask pack that is richly packed with nutrients.

-Vitamin P - Active Ingredient Intelligent Care
Contains Vitamin P (Hesperidin) which helps to maximize the effectiveness of other vitamins contained within the Propolis Nutritive Care series.

Suggested Use

Using an adequate amount, apply sleeping mask to the entire face after toner and ampule. Gently massage in circular motion from the outer to inner areas of the face, avoiding the eye membranous areas. To be used as a bi-weekly intensive night mask treatment when applied in a thick layer and as a daily night mask treatment when applied in a thin layer. Rinse off with lukewarm water in the morning after and top-up with Propolis Energy Ampule for a more intensive firming treatment. Suitable for all skin types.