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CNP Laboratory 2-Step Greenery Calming Ampule Mask 5ea

$17.00 $21.00


- Helps maintain clear and bright skin
- Uses natural moisturizing ingredients such as Eucalyptus and Centella Asiatica
- Soothes the skin and remove sebum and dead skin cells
- Improves the strength and firmness of the skin

Suggested Use

STEP 01 -
1) After toner, apply ampule generously to the entire face and gently massage in circular motion from the outer to inner areas of the face, avoiding the eye membranous areas. Gently pat in for full absorption.
STEP 02 -
2) Remove sheet mask from packaging and gently press mask onto the entire face.
3) Ensure there are no air bubbles trapped underneath the mask and leave on 10 – 20 minutes.
4) Remove mask from face and gently pat in for full absorption. No rinsing required.
* For best results, use mask twice a week and keep masks refrigerated before use.