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Benton Guava 70 Skin Toner Face Mask Pad 210ml / 70pcs



Soothing the skin • Jeju guava leaf extract 70% Cultivated in clean Jeju with clean water and good air More than 70% of guava leaf extract is generously contained.

Guava leaf ingredient with excellent antioxidant power and rich nutrition Provides an active skin soothing effect. As if using a mask pack only with pads, it helps to manage smooth and moist skin texture.

For emergency relief DIC Benton Calming Complex The 7 types of calming complex extracted from nature at low temperature soothe sensitive skin stimulated by the external environment, and help restore healthy skin condition with the nutrients of key ingredients.

Ultra-adhesive pad without gaps Hypoallergenic triple layer sheet It is a three-layer sheet with one layer of fabric added to both sides of the pulp layer that acts as a water reservoir like a water rank. It gently touches the skin and delivers enough essence without worrying about irritation.

Full of moisturizing essence non-drying pad pack A rich essence that glides on the naked eye Experience a moist pad until the last page!

Soothing effect of guava Clinical test completed [Benton Guava 70 Skin Toner Soothing Pad Pack] is applied after one use. It is judged to help with temporary skin texture improvement, temporary transparency improvement, and immediate (temporary) skin soothing effect.

Convenient and hygienic one-touch cap & built-in tongs One-touch cap that is easy to open and close without the hassle of turning the cap Built-in tongs allow hygienic and convenient use.

How to use

Take a refill pad in a clean, empty container and use it. After washing your face, use the built-in tongs to take out the pad. After placing the pad on the area that needs soothing, remove it after about 5 to 10 minutes and lightly tap the remaining essence to absorb it.


Guava leaf extract 700,000ppm, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, white rice flower extract, panthenol quince extract, DC Benton Calming Complex, sodium guaiazulenesulfonate