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BBIA Downy Cheek - #2 Downy Peach

$13.00 $16.00


  • Cream blush with a soft texture like fresh cream.
  • The moment the lovely color touches the cheek, it hides the pores and turns into a soft, baby-like cheek.
  • Lovely blush that does not become dull even after time passes.
  • Even if it is applied several times, it is layered with a certain concentration and is as natural as my original cheeks.
  • Keep your cheeks clear all day long without reddening or darkening, the same color you first applied over time.
  • The soft silky particles adhere to the skin without stickiness, hiding pores and making it soft like a baby's cheek.

How To Use

With your finger or puff, apply it around the cheeks that come out slightly when you smile.