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Apieu Madecassoside Moisture Gel Cream 50ML

$19.00 $23.00

APIEU Madecassoside Moisture Gel Cream_50ml

A Moisturizing gel that contains Madecassoside,
which soothes the weakened skin
from the external environment, soothes the heat,
while the panthenol component minimizes dryness
to provide moisture to the skin



1. What is Madecassoside?
Tiger grass is known to be excellent for treating dry skin damage.
The ingredients contained here are excellent in soothing skin
and are effective for sensitive skin.



2. Natural skincare ingredients
* Tiger Grass: soothes skin comfortably
* Madecassoside 0.1%: healthy skin protection strengthening
* Panthenol 0.1%: Provitamin B5 firm moisturizing care
* Sodium Hyaluronate triple hyaluronic acid: Moisture reduction in
* Allantoin: Natural soothing soothes skin




3. Moisture Guard
The soothing and moisturizing ingredients are tightly wrapped and the active ingredients
are tightly delivered when the skin is rolling.
The above is limited to the characteristics of raw materials.



4. Madecassoside Moisture Gel Cream’s KEY POINT!

– 40% of the number of grass blades in the bottle, 0.1% Madecassoside prescription!
Soothing skin with soothing moisture care! Cange the watery skin!

– High-density water-gel formulation thickly covers the skin
making it soft, powerful, and waterful care


* Daily care:
Cooling moisture circulation system that does not dry out!
Moisturize with water cream during the day

* Night care:
Soothing moisture with a sleeping cream at night for tired skin all day long!