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Su:m37 Water-full Time Leap Water Gel Cream 50ml

$87.00 $105.00


Iconic moisturizing cream of su:m37°.

Contains Ceramide to repair skin barrier, maintain moisture and nutrients in lower dermis layer in order to enhance skin elasticity. It helps to protect skin against high temperature and polluted environment.

Present of Lactobacillus fermented ingredients and naturally fermented moisturizing extracts to hydrate the skin instantly and maintain a refreshing sensation.

The use of Polymeric technology maintain the best water-oil-mixed condition and a high level of nutrients to strengthen the moisturizing power to the skin.

Activates 3 moisture passages in the skin allowing a deep hydrating effect within every skin cells.

Does not contain synthetic fragrance.


Direction of use:

After emulsion, take an appropriate amount and apply on face. Pat softly to enhance the absorption.