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Some By Mi Hyaluron Moisturizing Ampoule Mask X 10EA

$41.00 $50.00

Recharging Moisture Into Desert-dry Skin

Strong sunlight, violent wind, and dry weather take away moisture from the skin and make it into dry, desert-like skin.

If you have that dry skin, try Glow Luminous Hyaluron Mask. Through a powerful moisture-recharging synergy effect of three layers of Hyaluronic acid and Oxygen Water from Jeju, you will feel the bursting moisture filling up from the deep side of the skin.

It even contains a patented ingredient, Soothing Cooler, to effectively cool off the irritated skin.

Dry and cracked skin lacking moisture, don’t just leave it and recharge enough moisture through 1 mask sheet per day skincare.

Key Ingredients

3 layers of Hyaluronic acid

Recharges moisture to the gaps between skin, to help maintain a long-lasting hydration.

Jeju Oxygen Water

Calms the irritated skin and helps make a pure and clean skin texture.

How to use

1) After cleansing, apply toner to prepare your skin, and place the mask accordingly with your facial features.

2) Leave it on for 10~20 minutes before take-off, and gently pat until the remaining essence is absorbed.