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REYENA16 Heart Clover Hydrogel Multi Patch 2.2g *30pcs

$35.00 $42.00
30 pcs


  • 💗 REFRESHING AND REVIVING INGREDIENTS: Reneya16 Hydrogel Multipatch contain an ample amount of rejuvenating ingredients that work over and under your skin. Our facial pads are enriched with Pomegranate extract, Calamine, Seaweed, Gold, Diamond, and Pearl.


  • 💗 SWEET ROSE SCENT FOR COMFORTABLE REST: Start your skincare routine with Reneya16 Heart-Clover Hydrogel Multi Patch that will soothe your irritated skin while it’s gentle, sweet scent calms your mind.


  • 💗 INTENSE MOISTURIZATION: These facial pads with hyaluronic acid strengthen the moisture barrier on the skin prevent moisture evaporation. Reneya16 multi patches regulate the oil-moisture balance and regulate sebum production to keep the skin hydrated.


  • 💗 TIGHTENS DRY AND DULL SKIN: Reneya16 hydrogel pads help to stimulate collagen synthesis to improve skin elasticity. This facial pad for under-eye skin lifts the dull and saggy skin and minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of premature aging to revive lifeless skin.


  • 💗 BRIGHT, HEALTHY, AND SELFIE-READY GLOW: This anti-aging face patch contains golden, pink, and blue pearls that shine depending on the direction of the light. This creates a holographic effect, giving you an oil-free shine and making your picture ready at any time of the day.