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Neogen CODE9 Extra Clear Eye Remover 50ML

$29.00 $35.00


Perfectly cleanse from

waterproof mascara to strong eye makeup♥

# Versatile cleansing remover

An Extra clear eye remover that easily removes strong waterproof mascara as well as heavy eye makeup not irritating eyes and it doesn't require to wash or massage with water for cleansing several times.

# 10 types of botanical oil and ingredients

This eye remover contains 10 types of botanical oil ingredients and extracts derived from nature that effectively dissolve waterproof mascara and clear off all makeup on sensitive eye area.


How To Use

1. Use a cotton pad to carefully remove the mascara from the lashes.

2. Carefully swipe off the leftover mascara in the eye without letting any residue go into the eye.


Key Ingredients


Biomimetic Fluid Tears