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Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Mask - rose 25ml

$8.00 $12.00



An ultra-adhesive mask that effectively delivers nutrients to the skin with 2,000 ppm of flower extract


The 2,000 ppm flower extract ingredient is effectively absorbed into the skin as dense particles through three filtering processes to help care for the skin in a healthy and powerful way.

3 types of essences tailored to your skin type and worries

Light Fit Cell is a cellulose sheet extracted from wood pulp such as eucalyptus. It is a sheet that adheres to the skin smoothly and transparently and keeps moisture for a long time.


Flower Lab Essence Mask (10 types)


Super-adhesive mask that is transparent and moisturizing with fibers of wood, such as eucalyptus

1 Excellent adhesion

2 Contains 2,000 ppm of active ingredient (flower extract)

3 25ml premium feeling essence